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Model: dpt_MEGA-BED1423MAH
The Bedford Clock Collection 22 Inch Wall Clock features a mahogany cherry oak finish case. Rich and deeply colored it's timeless, exquisite, and classic addition to any office or home wall. The dial is bright and perfectly brings forward the roman numerals for your viewing ease. An enclosed pendulu..
$146.86 Ex Tax:$146.86
Model: dpt_MEGA-BED-7074
Bedford Clock Collection offers you the elegance and beauty of classic style with the modern reliable technology of today and rsquos wall clocks. Whether a gift to yourself or for someone else, this clock will add a special touch of sophistication to any room. With its stunning Golden Oak finish, G..
$146.86 Ex Tax:$146.86
Model: do_43141197
Aesthetically designed wooden wall art decor featuring hand painted tree trunk design.This wall art depicts the sheer beauty of nature and reflects the beautifying craftsmanship.It features earthy tones that adds to its beauty...
$238.77 Ex Tax:$238.77
Model: do_44883420
Sextants are the navigators that were used in earlier times.This sextant is sure to make a striking connection with the one giving you a visit.The detailed craftsmanship of this sextant make it unique and reflects a nautical vibe within your decor.This gold finish brass sextant comes in a brown wood..
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Model: do_43142021
This nautical hand painted wall art is designed on an aluminium canvas.The aged design catches much attention with its unique design can easily catches attention.The wooden base perfectly complements the wall art, giving it a supportive edge...
$66.46 Ex Tax:$66.46
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