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Logo Chair Detroit Tigers Collapsible 3-in-1 Cooler
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Model: idx_MOX1004119
This great product serves as a cooler, hamper, collapsible trash can with a heat sealed and leak-proof lining. Stands 19" tall and 16.5" in diameter. Features carrying handles for easy transport. Screenprinted logo featured on the front of the pocket. Collapsible for easy storage Heat sealed, leak p..
$21.06 Ex Tax:$21.06
Model: do_45284664
- Repels mosquitoes by creating a 15ft x 15ft zone of area repellent- Includes one blue lantern, one fuel cartridge and three 4-hour mats- LED light has 4 light settings of high, medium, low, and SOS strobe- Lantern runs on low for up to 40 hours- Lantern and Repellent operate independently- Repels ..
$38.18 Ex Tax:$38.18
Model: do_44921788
- Rubber armored- ZoneCheck indicator- Accessory mounting system- Reengineered grill- Ergonomic design- Repels mosquitoes, black flies and other flying insects- Thermacell products create a 15 x 15 zone of protection in minutes that lasts for hours- Includes three original repellent mats lasting fou..
$43.06 Ex Tax:$43.06
Model: do_45284666
- 15-foot area of protection from mosquitoes and their bites- 4 warm LEDs create great ambiance in any setting- Pole height is a maximum of 47 inches- Simply attach fewer pole pieces for a shorter height including landscape-style lighting- No spray and no mess. Scent-free and DEET-free- No heavy smo..
$44.30 Ex Tax:$44.30
Model: do_45362483
- Creates a 15-foot protection zone- Portable and lightweight- Features a quiet ignition- Re-engineered grill and switch- Improved ergonomics- Leaves a spray-less and no mess zone- No open flame and no smokey candle- No direct contact with skin- Provide 12 full hours of protection- Scent and DEET fr..
$33.95 Ex Tax:$33.95
Model: do_45362484
- New and Improved No-Spray Repellent - Enjoy the outdoors with a DEET-free, scent-free mosquito repellent that has no chemical-to-skin contact; no unwanted smells or stickiness and no mess of sprays- Lightweight and Portable - The Thermacell Mosquito Repeller is lightweight and portable, making its..
$33.95 Ex Tax:$33.95
Model: do_30452703
- SolMate Solar Animal Chaser- The wireless unit utilizes the power of the sun and is easily mountable on walls or fences- The state of the art solar panel charges the internal battery and guarantees a trouble free operation for up to 7 days, even in cloudy weather- The high pitched ultrasound frequ..
$38.94 Ex Tax:$38.94
Model: do_35345487
- Mosquito Repellant Patio Lantern- Protects a 15x15 foot area from black flies and mosquitoes- Repellant and light features can be used together or separately- No candle or open flame- Portable and lightweight- Silent operation- Butane cartridge warms an insect repellant mat that releases the repel..
$39.09 Ex Tax:$39.09
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